Missoula Art Museum - William Wegman: Video Works 1970-1999
William Wegman: Video Works 1970-1999

From 1970-1977 William Wegman created some of the most innovative and important works in the history of video. These early pioneering tapes were created using minimal technology and a few studio props, including Wegman's canine companion, Man Ray. Consisting of 130 works, some no longer than a television commercial, blurred the boundaries between high and low art as well as art and commerce, and have become a major chapter in the histories of contemporary art and film. This exhaustive 2 DVD compilation has been assembled by the artist with restored material and it contains all nine original reels as well as two later reels. Classics such as Pocketbook Man, Milk/Floor, Stomach Song, Cape On, Stick and Tooth, Spelling Lesson, Dog Duet, Man Ray, Do You Want to? Are included. The DVD is accompanied by an essay, Wegman's Video: Funny Instead of Formal, by art historian Kim Levin as well as a definitive chronology of the complete videos.

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