Missoula Art Museum - Robert Whitman: Performances from the 1960s
Robert Whitman: Performances from the 1960s

Robert Whitman created some of the earliest and most important performance works of the 1960s. In his performances the poetic and often surprising ineraction of film, lights sound, live performers, props and objects take on a life of their own creating a dense visual, non-narrative dramatic structure. Included is original footage of The American Moon (1960) and Flower ( (1963) which were both filmed by Whitman as notes to himself. A recent performance of the seminal theatrical work Prune Flat (1965) is a document of historical importance. The DVD includes interviews with the artist, Trisha Brown, Jim Dine, Simone Forti, Claes Oldenburg and Lucas Samaras. A bonus video presents Ghost, a theater work from 2002 presented at The Pace Gallery NY with notes by Lynne Cooke and Arne Glimcher.

PRICE: $15.00
MEMBERS: $13.50

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