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Exploring Change through Re-photography
Teacher(s): Linda Maria Thompson
June 01, 2019
10:00- 4:00pm
Missoula Art Museum - Spacer

Photo: Linda Marie Thompson, Erik and the plane, Naperville IL, USA, Screen captured image from flood-damaged family 8mm films. Archival inkjet print 2018, 18x24cm

Exploring Change through Re-photography

Linda Maria Thompson

Saturday, June 1

10:00- 4:00pm //$80/72

Re-photography is a powerful tool to show change, juxtapose and explore both sense of place and time. Join exhibiting artist Linda Maria Thompson for a workshop in which we will find and re-photograph historic Missoula images. Re-photography is often used to explore issues such as climate change and gentrification. On a lighter note, it has been popularized with hashtags like #tenyearchallenge.

Participants might find themselves seeking inspiration in both personal and institutional archives!

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