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Embroidery Collage: Found, Hand-stitched, and Altered
Teacher(s): Maggy Rozycki Hiltner
August 19, 2017
10 AM-4 PM
Missoula Art Museum - Spacer

Work with exhibiting artist Maggy Rozycki Hiltner while learning to use embroidery and collaged fabric to tell stories. Students will enhance their ability to make dynamic, stitched imagery, exploring various textile materials and techniques. Open to all skill levels.

Hiltner creates textiles that focus on contemporary issues. She combs antique and thrift stores looking for source material, seeking hand-stitched linens and quilts. Her artwork may at first appear whimsical, but on closer inspection reveals a strong engagement with socio-political issues. She ties charged messages into and against the comfortable and innocuous medium of fabric and stitching. Her exhibition at MAM, What Lies Beneath brings these subtexts to light.

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