MAM Collection Mission

The MAM collects, preserves, exhibits, and researches art that is relevant to the culture of the American West with an emphasis on contemporary Montana artists. Developing and preserving the MAM Collections preserves our region's unique, emerging cultural heritage and helps to achieve the MAM mission to educate, challenge, and inspire the community through contemporary art. – Adopted by the MAM Board of Directors, 2006


The MAM Collection contains approximately 1,800 artworks, including 192 works acquired by the Missoula Museum of the Arts between 1975 and 1994. These initial works comprise the Missoula County Art Collection managed by the MAM. MAM’s signature collection is the Contemporary American Indian Art Collection, established in 1997 with a gift of prints by Jaune Quick-to-See Smith from the Rutgers Center for Innovative Print and Paper.

MAM provides access to the collection thought a searchable online catalogue of collection artworks that grows steadily. If you have questions about work in the collections, please contact Registrar Jennifer Reifsneider.

Get Involved

  • Donate art: If you are interested in donating an artwork to the Collection, please contact MAM. Our community-based volunteer Collection Committee reviews all potential gifts, and we can tell you more about that process and answer questions about gifting.

  • Support new acquisitions: You can take an active role in acquisitions that support artists and strategically strengthen the collection while participating in enriching events in collectors’ homes, artists’ studios, and exciting art destinations. Join the Contemporary Collectors Circle today!

  • Volunteer: Collection Assistants help staff achieve the goal of preserving the Collection and making it accessible. Contact Registrar Jennifer Reifsneider for more information.

  • Intern: In support of high-impact educational goals, MAM is able to offer one Collection Internship each semester. Interns acquire comprehensive collection management skills, conduct research, and enrich the museum’s educational resources. Contact Registrar Jennifer Reifsneider for more information.

Have questions about your personal collection? For legal and ethical reasons, MAM is unable to provide appraisal and conservation services. To avoid a conflict of interest, MAM also cannot provide referrals for specific vendors.

MAM Special Collection Projects

Missoula Art Museum - Montana Connections: Rudy Autio
Montana Connections: Rudy Autio
Funded by the NEA, this project provides K-12 resources and scholarly texts about Rudy Autio (1926-2007), a Butte native and lifelong Montana resident who changed the nature of contemporary ceramics around the globe.
Missoula Art Museum - In the Future We Will All Be Mixed Bloods and Mestizoes
Montana Connections: Jaune Quick-to-See Smith
Funded by the NEA, this project provides K-12 resources and scholarly texts about Jaune Quick-to-See Smith, an enrolled member of the Flathead Nation whose creative voice and commitment to social, environmental, and political issues have established her as a dominant figure in contemporary American art.
Missoula Art Museum - Dana Boussard, Journey of the Dream Spirit
Missoula County Art Collection at MAM
The Missoula County Art Collection at MAM consists of artworks collected by the Missoula Museum of the Arts, a County agency, between 1973 and 1994, at which time the museum became an independent non-profit called the Art Museum of Missoula.
Missoula Art Museum - Jason Elliott Clark, Battle Over Tradition
MAM Collection
Nearly 1,600 artworks by more than 500 artists working in media ranging from painting and sculpture to music and time-based installations. With an emphasis on contemporary art, MAM also collects historic works, archival materials, and ethnographic objects vital to this place.
Missoula Art Museum - MAM CARES: Catalyzing Access, Research, and Education Solutions
MAM CARES: Catalyzing Access, Research, and Education Solutions
Launched with a $25,000 grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, CARES (Catalyzing Access, Research, and Education Solutions) will determine the potential for community and statewide collaborations in collections-driven research, education, storage, preservation, and conservation efforts and inform the conceptual design of a MAM collections center in Missoula.
Missoula Art Museum - Exterior view of Missoula County Courthouse at Broadway entrance
Art in Public Places
Find original artworks from the MAM Collections in downtown City and County public offices.
Collection Scholarship
Original research about the MAM Collection artworks and featured artists prepared by MAM Collections Interns.

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