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September 19, 2018
Artists On Guston: John Buck and Jay Schmidt
Times: 6 PM

Location: MAM

Conversations with Artists on Guston

September 19: A conversation with John Buck and Jay Schmidt

October 25: A conversation with Adrian Arleo and Richard Notkin

Throughout the fall, Adrian Arleo (Missoula), John Buck (Bozeman), Richard Notkin (Vaughn, WA), and Jay Schmidt (Bozeman) will visit MAM to reflect on Philip Guston’s Cigar and formulate artwork responses to the artist and artwork for the upcoming exhibition In Praise of Folly: Five Artists After Philip Guston. During the visit, MAM will engage artists and the public in a moderated discussion that will investigate the artwork’s aesthetic and formal qualities and art historical context, along with Guston’s artistic practice and biographical information, followed by a dynamic Q & A.

Image: Philip Guston, Cigar, 1969, oil on canvas, 52 × 60 1/8 inches, Art Bridges. Photography courtesy of Sotheby’s.

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