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October 08, 2013 - February 09, 2014

Recent Acquisition: Matrix Press

The Missoula Art Museum would like to thank Professor James Bailey and MATRIX Press for the gift of this beautiful selection of 23 prints executed by eight of the talented artists invited to work with MATRIX Press, The University of Montana’s visiting artist program. This recent gift joins to earlier gifts to MAM of artworks by art world legends Richard Mock and Miriam Schapiro, also executed at MATRIX Press.

MATRIX Press was founded in 1998 by Bailey for the purpose of education, development, and the promotion of printmaking and fine art prints, and is specifically dedicated to supporting the advancement of artists working within the printmaking discipline.

As part of its mission, MATRIX Press invites nationally and internationally known artists to Missoula to produce limited edition prints in collaboration with students and the printmaking faculty. Past visiting artists include the University of Minnesota’s Jerry Krepps, world renowned feminist artist Miriam Schapiro, Chicago’s Tony Fitzpatrick, and local printmaking heavy weights Bev Beck Glueckert and James Todd.

Each visiting artist works with Bailey and a team of dedicated assistants to create an astonishing range of prints, showcasing the inventiveness and skill of the artists and the liveliness of printmaking today. The techniques displayed in the donation run the gamut of lithography, intaglio, relief, silkscreen, chine colle’, collage, and the use of experimental materials such as aluminum foil, tar paper, and found objects. Each print is executed with a great skill that captures the strengths and approaches of each artist: the careful, exquisite relief renderings of James Todd and Tyler Krasowski, the dynamic layers and collage work of Antonia Contro and Larry Anderson, the gorgeous use of color in Tony Fitzpatrick and Mary Farrell’s carefully articulated artworks, and the expressionist carving and surreal subjects of Brad Allen’s block and lino prints. In some cases, the technique is almost mind-boggling in its successful use of experimental materials, as in the luminous light catching aluminum foil etchings in Pieter von Tiesenhausen’s print suite entitled Ether.

MAM would like to thank James Bailey for the generous donation and important additions to its collection and the MATRIX Press for bringing such skilled and talented artists into our community.

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