Guillermo Galindo

Experimental composer, sonic architect, performance artist, and Jungian Tarotist, Guillermo Galindo redefines the conventional boundaries of music and the practice of music composition. His broad interpretation of concepts such as musical form, time perception, music notation, sonic archetypes, and his original use of sonic devices span through a wide spectrum of artistic works involving symphonic works, chamber acoustic composition, performance art, visual arts, computer interaction, electro-acoustic music, opera, film, instrument building, three-dimensional installation, and live improvisation.

Guillermo Galindo is currently a senior adjunct professor at the California College of Arts. He has also taught composition at Mills College and has worked as a panelist and tutor for the Jovenes Creadores and the Sistema Nacional de Creadores music composition grants in Mexico City. Recent collaborations include the Paul Dresher ensemble with Amy X Neuburg, writer Juvenal Acosta, and Mexican photographer Maya Goded.