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August 13, 2017
Cycling in the Expanded Field: A Tour of Former Land Art Sites
Times: 10 AM

Location: Missoula Art Park

Join Whitney Ford-Terry for a peripatetic conversation and bicycle tour to the site of former land art installations in Missoula. Cyclists are responsible for their own gear, food, and water. Due to the fires outside of Missoula, exhibiting Art Park artist Whitney Ford-Terry will be modifying her original program. 
Please call (406)728-0447 to register.

The trip begins at MAM in the Art Park where participants will discuss a map of land art sites and land use in and around Missoula. The ride will be shortened and limited to the Missoula area due to the extreme fire conditions so it should be manageable for all levels of bike-riders.

While the artworks to discuss no longer exist, having been ephemeral, temporal, or destroyed, they continue to have a presence in the Missoula community. Works discussed may include Dennis Oppenheim’s Wishing the Mountain Madness (1977), his explosion-based piece Three Downward Blows (Knuckle Marks) (1977), and Nancy Holt’s Missoula Ranch Locators (1974), installed at artist Ted Waddell’s former ranch in Arlee.

Learn more about Passing Place, White Ford-Terry's exhibition in the Art Park.

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