Collection Scholarship

MAM is committed to developing educational resources that examine contemporary art and expand our understanding of the creative process, artistic innovation, and modern histories that shape our experiences of this place. Scholarship prepared by interns helps MAM to achieve its mission to engage the community with contemporary art and goals to educate, inspire, and provide access to the Collections.

A Common Tongue for a Divisive Time: An Analysis of John Buck's Symbols
Danielle Turner, Collections Intern, Summer 2018; BFA, Fine Art, University of Montana, 2019
In-depth interpretation of contemporary and historical meanings of John Buck's woodcut, A Common Tongue.

I Call Us Interdisciplinarians
Cassidy Schoenfelder, Collections Intern, 2016-17; BFA, Fine Art, University of Montana, 2017
Summary of significant themes in the work of Missoula artist Patricia Forsberg, based on an interview with the artist.

Kindred Spirits: Tracing Connections
Kathleen E. Kurz, Collections Intern, 2006, MA, Anthropology, University of Montana, 2006
Analysis of 18 MAM Collection artworks and complementary objects of historical and cultural significance

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