Art in Public Places

MAM coordinates Art in Public Places to make original contemporary art more accessible to western Montanans. In partnership with Missoula County, which owns about 200 works in the Missoula County Art Collection at MAM and provides valuable resources for the entire Collection, MAM collaborates with City-County department heads to select artwork for display in public office spaces, such as reception areas and waiting rooms. The list below details what works are on view now. Open hours are typically Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

To ensure the long-term safety of the art, MAM staff and trained volunteers and interns pack, deliver, and handle the artwork, and rotate loans annually. City-County employees provide security staffing and agree to abide by loan terms. Departments wishing to join the program should email Registrar Jennifer Reifsneider to set up a schedule for a site visit, artwork selection, and installation.


Missoula City Council Chambers, 140 W. Pine St.

Missoula City Hall, 435 Ryman St.

Development Services, 1st Floor

  • Louis Archambault, Mexican Hay Lake
  • Lucy Capehart, Tin Man
  • Russell Chatham, Sweet Grass Spring Evening
  • James E. Dew, Boat on Water
  • James Dew, Milwaukee Station
  • Ken Hansen, Late Hunt
  • Walter Hook, Autumn’s Glow
  • Walter Hook, Fancy Feline
  • Walter Hook, Seeley Lake
  • John Hooton, Minuteman K-8
  • Janet Sullivan, The Willow Tree

Mayor’s Suite, 2nd Floor

  • Kendahl Jan Jubb, Spring Flowers
  • Marion Lavery, Montana Landscape #4: Summer of 2000
  • Lee Morrison, Untitled
  • Neil Parsons, Ghost Dress (Old Shirt)
  • Phoebe Toland, Four Part Harmony
  • Theodore Waddell, Winter Horses Drawing #11

City Clerk’s Office, 2nd Floor

  • Harold Balazs, Dogwood
  • Walter Hook, Purple Cross Clematis

Hall, 2nd Floor

  • Mark Abrahamson, Clark Fork #25 (Montana Legacy Suite)
  • Lucy Capehart, Bear and Padlocks (Wolftown Series)
  • Russell Chatham, Afternoon at Rock Creek (Clark Fork River Basin Portfolio)
  • Russell Chatham, Summer on the Clark Fork (Clark Fork River Basin Portfolio)
  • Monte Dolack, Karl Bodmer
  • Fox Theater Memorabilia
  • Walter Hook, Phase B Has More
  • Karen Leigh, Raymond House
  • M. Scott Miller, Missoula #1
  • Lee Morrison, Smokejumpers Station
  • Jan Rothermel, Victorian Garden
  • Tina Schwartzman, 2215 Raymond House

Office of Housing and Community Development, 412 W. Alder

Missoula City-County Health Department, 301 W. Alder St.

  • Mai Lee, Flower Cloth
  • Shoua Lee, Flower Cloth
  • John Smart, Sheep on the Cooney Ranch, South of Harlowtown, Montana
  • Unknown Hmong, Flower Cloth and Cushion Cover
  • Sai Vue, Flower Cloth Cushion Cover
  • Jessie Wilber, BeaverTipi and Yellow Otter Tipi
  • Song Xiang, Flower Cloth
  • Mao Yang, Flower Cloth
  • Lulu Yee, The Girl Who Dreamt
  • Jaune Quick-to-See Smith, Ode to Chief Seattle (Environmental Health, 2nd Fl)
  • Walter Piehl, Kathy's Cutter (Health Administration, 2nd Fl)

Missoula County Administration, 199 West Pine

Reception, 1st Floor

  • J. Clementson, Road Side Camp
  • Joe McCreary, American II
  • Delbert Gish, Still Life

Reception, 2nd Floor

  • Edgar Paxson, Chief Charlot (Loan, Women’s Club of Missoula)
  • Inez Storer, Visa

Commissioners' Offices, 2nd Floor

  • Tu Baixiong, Untitled
  • Tu Baixiong, Untitled
  • Russell Chatham, Dusk on the Blackfoot (Clark Fork River Basin Portfolio)
  • Nancy Erickson, Last Island
  • Walter Piehl, Cold Water: Sweetheart of the Rodeo
  • Jaune Quick-to-See Smith, Modern Times
  • Allen Tupper True, Two Vaqueros in Rocky Landscape

Missoula County Courthouse, 200 West Broadway

Justice Court, 1st Floor Courtroom & Reception Offices

  • Changes coming soon!

Clerk and Recorder’s Office, 1st Floor annex

Sherriff’s Office Interview Room, 2nd Floor annex

  • Aden Arnold, Clear Creek
  • Aden Arnold, Untitled
  • Tu Baixiong, Alley in the Fall #2
  • Tu Baixiong, Blackfoot River #2
  • Tu Baixiong, Missoula in Spring
  • Tu Baixiong, Untitled

Office of Emergency Management, Basement annex

Missoula County Relationship Violence Services, 317 Woody Street

Partnership Health Center, 401 West Railroad

Dental Clinic, 2nd Floor

  • Walter Hook, Vallejo Marina
  • Mark Abrahamson, Silicosis (Montana Legacy Suite)
  • Marcia Ballowe, The Ocean's Spray
  • Susan Barnes, Frank's Corner
  • Susan Barnes, Speech I
  • Russell Chatham, Thunderstorm Over Norris Geyser Basin
  • Walter Hook, Untitled
  • Geoffrey James, Near Larb Hills
  • Marion Lavery, Yellowstone Cutthroat
  • K. Bonnema Leslie, Aspens #2
  • Sheryl McRoberts, Wyoming Winter III
  • Sheila Miles, Montana Flood
  • Missoula Peace Quilters, Pieces of the Past
  • Bob Phinney, Early Wash
  • Noel Reifel, Buffalo
  • Wendy Thon, Granada / a room with a view

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