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November 19, 2003 - January 17, 2004

Sheila Miles: In the Neighborhood

2nd Floor (lg), Stephen Glueckert and artist

A new body of paintings explores relationships and life issues in the neighborhood. Miles manipulates color and surfaces to convey emotional and psychological meaning. "I try to let painting lead me where it wants to go," the artist says. Her new works derive from the surrealist's "automatic painting" tradition; they are a serious and mature series about relationships, home and life. Programming includes a Reception, Artist's Gallery Talk and a Children's Workshop: Storytelling through Art. Brochure and exhibition sponsored by Meadowlark Fund, Artcraft Printers, Ossie Abrams & David Orser, Rudy & Lela Autio, Ninsa Brock, Nancy & Ron Erickson.

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